Ultrasound: Advanced


There are two main important questions in ultrasound:

  • How to scan?
  • What to do next?

How to scan:
The aim of our courses is not only an ordinary description of fetal pathology, however to provide the doctors clear guidelines how to detect and examine anomalies. We will share all our secrets, tips and tricks and you will know how to achieve the best possible performance from your ultrasound scanner.

What to do next:
Correct sonographic diagnosis is only a half of the task. Our courses will provide doctors/sonographers with clear understanding how to counsel the parents and to manage the pregnancy. You will learn how to use the most advanced tests, technologies and treatment modalities in many difficult situations.

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Ultrasound, contrary to many other diagnostic modalities is an operator-dependent technique. It is primary depends on technical skills of examiner to get best possible ultrasound images.

The unique information how to scan and how to improve the image is organically is incorporated in all our courses.

Our technical tips and tricks include:

  • Tactic of scan: in what order to check structures
  • Which type of transducer to use
  • How to improve presets of a scanner without application specialist
  • How to find and use acoustic windows
  • How to scan difficult patients
  • How to scan fetus in awkward position
  • How to use spontaneous fetal movements
  • How to perform transvaginal scan to explore the fetus
  • How see valves of the heart
  • How to perform Doppler correctly
  • How to improve color Doppler image
  • When to use power Doppler
  • How to use PRF correctly
  • How to reduce possible thermal effect
  • How to get ductus venosus waveform fast
  • Situations where 3D is very useful
  • How to hold 3D transducer
  • Which modality of 3D/4D to use
  • How to adjust 3D/4D image
  • How to avoid common and rare technical mistakes
  • How to break bad news
  • How to learn from the case you have missed
  • How to use the Internet to search for anomaly you never seen before
    …and many other ultrasound secrets