Highlights of the Fetal Dysmorphology Project:

  • Logical & pragmatic approach
  • Very practical
  • Just videos & discussions
  • Only original data
  • No boring tables & charts
  • Controversial issues revealed
  • Disputable topics
  • Alternative views & approaches
  • Technical tips & tricks
  • Use of 3D ultrasound in specific clinical situations
  • Possibility of early diagnosis
  • Transvaginal approach focused
  • Open discussion

& many more

Who will benefit from Fetal Dysmorphology Project?

  • Fetal Medicine consultants
  • Sonographers
  • Fetal Medicine subspeciality trainers
  • Fellows in Fetal Medicine
  • Obstetric & Gynecology consultants practicing ultrasound
  • Obstetric & Gynecology residents & registrars interested in Fetal Medicine
  • Radiologists scanning pregnant women
  • Neonatologists & Pediatric Specialists
  • Clinical Geneticists
  • Medical students

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Dysmorphology is the study of human congenital anomalies (birth defects), particularly those affecting the anatomy (morphology) of the individual.

Fetal Dysmorphology is a branch of Fetal Medicine and Clinical Genetics concerned with human teratology and congenital malformations diagnosed and managed antenataly.


Ultrasound for Congenital Anomalies: How to Scan and What to Do After

  • Fetal Dysmorphology is a long-term project of online training
  • The program will include seminars (courses), masterclasses and conferencies
  • All topic of fetal malformations diagnosis and management will be covered
  • All common congenital defects will be covered
  • Majority of rare structural anomalies and physical conditions will be demonstrated
  • Many genetic syndromes and associations will be discussed
  • Special attention to feasibility of early (12 weeks) diagnosis or explanations why this type of anomaly is not detectable in the 1st trimester
  • High quality videos of anomalies and other multimedia presentations with explanations
  • Management options for different conditions will be reviewed
  • Importance of Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) management of the anomalies will be described

Our General Program for the Fetal Dysmorphology Project 2020-2022

  • We are planning to run one seminar per month on every first Saturday of the month at 14:00 (London time)
  • Systematic approach for the program, however random intuitive selection of topics for the next event
  • Surprise program for every seminar (topic and program)
  • Major topics like skeletal dysplasias, fetal neurology and fetal cardiology we will be covered by few separate seminars and masterclasses
  • Approximate length of individual seminar will be about 3 hours (with short technical break)
  • We will have questions and answers session at the end of every training event
  • On-demand recordings of previous training events will be accessible
  • It is difficult to predict total duration of the project, however our approximate estimation is 2.5-3 years
  • Certificate for every seminar and Diploma for the delegates attended 80% of the Fetal Dysmorphology Project’s courses