London School of Ultrasound (LSUS) is proud to present a new project: FETAL DYSMORPHOLOGY. The project includes monthly virtual courses, seminars, masterclasses and conferences, which are broadcasted globally. The main objective of the project is to raise awareness about feasibility of early detection of fetal anomalies.

Research shows that Congenital Heart Defects (CHD) now stand as:

  • The most common malformations (about 1% of newborns affected)
  • Severe defects (majority need complicated heart surgery)
  • Variable (~ 200 different types CHD)
  • Have devastating impact on families
  • Associated with other anomalies (in ~40%)
  • Generally poorly detectable (just ~ 50% in UK)
  • Majority can be detected at 11-13 weeks (up to 85%)
  • Prenatal diagnosis improves the CHD outcome
  • Training of ultrasound professionals improves CHD detection

Whereas Fetal cardiology is the main focus of London School of Ultrasound (LSUS) training, other state-of-the-art courses are covering all major and important topics in perinatal ultrasound and Fetal medicine.

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Our Mission

To implement early prenatal diagnosis of cardiac anomalies worldwide by training of doctors and sonographers.

Why we are different?

We have got a unique pragmatic and uncomplicated approach for training in fetal echocardiography.

Top 7 Reasons to Choose Us

  • Our training will allow you to develop your skills and to improve your scanning technique
  • We are open to everyone with a passion for ultrasound and provide courses for all levels
  • Easy and logical explanation based on the understanding of hemodynamics and configuration of the heart, doubled by a huge amount of videos of anomalies
  • Over the years we have adopted a truly global outlook, where we have learned from our mistakes and from the mistakes of others
  • Pattern recognition approach to fetal cardiac anomalies with excellent visual explanations
  • You will have a unique opportunity to gain practical skills in reading ultrasound images with interactive case discussions
  • Our spirit creates an environment where we support and inspire, helping you to achieve your fullest potential.

Our previous project

Development of the online Ultrasound video library for specialists