London School of Ultrasound runs Annual Early Fetal Scan Conference every autumn.
The Early Fetal Scan Conference aims to raise awareness to early diagnosis and management of different fetal anomalies.

Program Director

Dr Fred Ushakov

International Lecturer in Ultrasound and Fetal Medicine

Specialist in Fetal Medicine, University College London Hospital (UCLH), UK

Honorary Professor, University College London (UCL)

Conference Program

Saturdays, 22 & 29 October 2022,

3pm – 7pm (15.00 – 19.00) BST – London Time

Sundays, 23 & 30 October 2022,

3pm – 6pm (15.00 – 18.00) BST- London Time

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222 Anomalies & Conditions Detectable in the 1st Trimester


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EFScan Conference 2019

EFScan Conference 2018

Early screening & diagnosis of fetal anomalies: Total reimagination

At London School of Ultrasound we believe that majority of the clinically important fetal anomalies can be diagnosed by expert scan in the 1st trimester.

The 5th Early Fetal Scan Conference summarise 22 years’ experience in the early and timely detection, counselling and management of the congenital defects.

For the first time the delegates will be introduced to the 1st TRIMESTER VIRTUAL ENCYCLOPEDIA – the detailed list of the all detectable anomalies and conditions, described at 10-14 weeks. That will make the 5th EFS Conference  the most comprehensive ever event, fully dedicated to the topic.

During 4 days of the Conference we are going to discuss more than 222 anomalies, their clinically important types, chromosomal and genetic syndromes, anatomical variations, markers, signs, and other conditions. 

The format of the 5th Early Fetal Scan Conference will be very straightforward, clear and practical.

Each anomaly/condition will be introduced, using the following pragmatic approach:

  • Name of condition (synonyms)
  • Definition and/or description
  • Additional imaging (if needed)
  • Earliest gestational age of manifestation
  • HOW TO DETECT (diagnosis)
  • WHAT TO DO (management)
  • Outcome

The Conference is dedicated for the fetal medicine and ultrasound specialists, obstetricians, sonographers and other professionals, dealing with the management of the low and high-risk pregnancies.

Previous EFS Conferences

1st Annual Early Fetal Scan Conference (2018): Contemporary 11-13 weeks Scan

  • 100 Early Detectable Anomalies

2nd Annual Early Fetal Scan Conference (2019): Future of the 11-14 Weeks Ultrasound

  • NT Debates: Yes or No
  • NIPT and Ultrasound
  • Rare Early Fetal Anomalies

3d Annual Early Fetal Scan Conference (2020): First Global Early Fetal Cardiology Conference

  • Congenital Heart Defects at 11-13 weeks:  Screening, Diagnosis & Management

4th Annual Early Fetal Scan Conference (2022): 222 Anomalies and Conditions


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