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There are two main important questions in ultrasound:

  • How to scan?
  • What to do next?

How to scan:
The aim of our courses is not only an ordinary description of fetal pathology, however to provide the doctors clear guidelines how to detect and examine anomalies. We will share all our secrets, tips and tricks and you will know how to achieve the best possible performance from your ultrasound scanner.

What to do next:
Correct sonographic diagnosis is only a half of the task. Our courses will provide doctors/sonographers with clear understanding how to counsel the parents and to manage the pregnancy. You will learn how to use the most advanced tests, technologies and treatment modalities in many difficult situations.

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Dear future mother and/or farther. This site is for medical professionals only. The information it contains may be disturbing for general public.

If you have any problem or query regarding health of your baby please click here (visit our site London Pregnancy Clinic).

We are happy to scan your and reassure regarding fetalĀ  health or alternatively provide the information about your baby’s condition.

We are experts in:

  • Early detection of fetal anomalies
  • Nuchal translucency
  • Fetal heart examination (fetal echo)
  • Fetal brain and spine examinations (fetal neurosonography)
  • Rare fetal diseases
  • Advanced use of ultrasound & NIPT
  • and any other problems of the baby or pregnancy detectable by ultrasound
  • We are currently only based in London UK

Please note that we do not provide any phone, email or other types of remote counselling. Ultrasound is operator-dependent technique and strongly influenced by doctor’s (sonographer’s) expertise.